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‘Pokemon GO’ Incarnate Landorus Raid: Best Counters, 100% IVs, Shiny Odds and MORE [GUIDE]

‘Pokemon GO’ unzips another history of unveiling Incarnate Forme Landorus on Tuesday, Apr. 27. After several updates, the legendary Ground/Flying Pokemon is now back in action once again.

If you have accidentally stumbled on this article, that could be a blessing in disguise. We’ll show you how to ace him through this raid guide so we could look for the best counters and other information that we could know about this event.

Incarnate Forme Landorus Shiny Rate and IVs

'Pokemon GO' Incarnate Landorus Raid: Best Counters, 100% IVs, Shiny Odds and MORE [GUIDE](Photo : Niantic)

According to Bleeding Cool‘s recent report, catching a legendary Pokemon might be hard especially if you are aiming for its Shiny version. The rate of catching a Shiny, Legendary Pokemon sits around one out of 20 encounters. Gorgeous Danube Delta in 4k – from Tulcea RomaniaCopy video urlPlay / PauseMute / UnmuteReport a problemLanguageMox Player

It is a difficult task to own this muscular-looking Pokemon like Landorus, but when compared to the traditional “Pokemon” games, it’s much easier. In “Pokemon Black,” your chance of running into a shiny Pokemon is only 1 in 8192 chances as reported by IGN.

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While it seems to be a generous statistic to consider, “Pokemon GO” relies on much interactive gaming.

With regards to the top-tier stats, you can potentially achieve a CP of 2050 from the 100% IV Landorus during the usual weather patterns. On the other hand, its CP could raise to 2563 when it is boosted.

Incarnate Forme Landorus Duel

'Pokemon GO' Incarnate Landorus Raid: Best Counters, 100% IVs, Shiny Odds and MORE [GUIDE](Photo : VegardKnutsen Flag of Norway 1B XP (@VegardKnutsen92) from Twitter·)

Since Landorus has a double typing of ground and flying, it is extremely weak to ice moves. You can maximize this opportunity to defeat him with all your resources.

If your raid partner has a Pokemon with an Ice-type move, this legendary Pokemon is guaranteed to be toppled easily. It’s pretty easy and fast if you will successively blast it with its most dreaded move sets in a freezing way.

Best Counters for Incarnate Forme Landorus

If you are looking for the best Pokemon to fight against Landorus, Pokebattler has it all for you. Here is a list of the 10 most effective counters for the Ground/Flying monster.

  1. Mega Abomasnow (Weather Ball with ice-typing and Powder Snow)
  2. Shadow Mamoswine ( Avalanche and Powder Snow)
  3. Shadow Mewtwo (Psycho Cut and Ice Beam)
  4. Shadow Weavile (Avalanche and Ice Shard)
  5. Mamoswine (Avalanche and Powder Snow)
  6. Shadow Articuno (Ice Beam and Frost Breath)
  7. Galarian Darmanitan (Avalanche and Ice Fang)
  8. Mewtwo (Ice Beam and Psycho Cut)
  9. Glaceon (Avalanche and Frost Breath)
  10. Weavile( Avalanche and Ice Shard)

In the majority, the above-mentioned counters consist mostly of either Mega or Shadow Pokemon which could be challenging to acquire by the players.

If you are quite a newbie to the game and want to catch Landorus at the moment, here is another list of special alternatives that you can use to defeat Incarnate Forme Landorus without using Shadow or Mega Pokemon.

  1. Mr. Rime (Ice Punch and Ice Shard)
  2. Jynx ( Avalanche and Frost Breath)
  3. Articuno (Ice Beam and Frost Breath)
  4. Mew (Frost Breath and Ice Beam)
  5. Beartic (Ice Punch and Powder Snow)
  6. Vanilluxe (Blizzard and Frost Breath)
  7. Alolan Ninetails (Ice-type Weather Ball and Powder Snow)
  8. Regice (Blizzard and Frost Breath)
  9. Walrein (Blizzard and Frost Breath)
  10. Abomasnow (Ice-type Weather Ball and Powder Snow)

After reading this guide, you will conclude that winning over Landorus is a piece of cake. Just a little advice for our budding players. Stay frosty when fighting Landorus in “Pokemon GO!”


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