$VIA Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Rises 100% then Dumps in One Minute: #BigPumpSignal

Surges are now getting shorter and shorter, and even scarier as certain traders could be taken advantage of especially if they don’t ride the rise but buy the fall. With the recent surge in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most importantly, Dogecoin, has landed their spot as the center of the spotlight. $VIA cryptocurrency shows how gangs of cryptotraders can make things harmful for new traders.

Crypto Pump and Dump News

According to a Tweet by Nixus Web Solutions, the whole Crypto pump and dump groups are becoming really trendy as of the moment. The twitter user then noted that they had just watched the whole $VIA pump and it described it as “clearly an orchestrated scam.”

The coin was reportedly up by a whopping 50% before the whole pump announcement. When the coin had hit about 100% it then dumped right back down on a bearish spiral to the start. Everything happened in just a minute and Nexus pointed out that the organizers of this pump and dump “scammed some teenagers.”

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‘Pump’ Coin

The news was reportedly bigger than what Nexus thought. In a follow up tweet, he then showed a guy allegedly asking people for BTC through Discord while promising to offer them access to a sort of “VIP area” where they actually knew about the pump that had just happened.

The person in the tweet is Murat Altuntas @DominussPump and according to his Twitter profile, Murat was allegedly in the whole “crypto game” ever since 2015. He also noted that he provides information regarding crypto investments. Most of his tweets circulate around providing access to a VIP program tagging all of the popular cryptos in his posts.

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Crypto Pump and Dump Groups 2021

Before the whole pump and dump $VIA phenomenon, the account tweeted “less than 2 hours” left before the whole “#pump” also noting that people have no idea what is going to happen. He then once again invites people to join his VIP program.

A Twitter account by the name of Steven Wolles @StevenWolles posted a tweet that was shared by nexus saying “I just got scammed by #BigPumpSignal” as well as the use of Dominus. Wolles noted that he is rather new to crypto and that he was still discovering how the whole thing works. He then asked the internet if he can do anything about the pump and dump and if he will see his money back.

The whole $VIA pump and dump situation left those on the outside with losses while those who kept the move a secret with significant gains. What was alarming is that the whole pump and dump was orchestrated in just a minute! The whole rise and fall of $VIA through the pump and dump took only a minute to do leaving poor victims on the outside that had no clue of the pump and dump left with losses.

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